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Who is Land Water Sky Studio?

Welcome! My name is Ken Herbst and I am the owner of Land Water Sky, a personal recording studio nestled in the mountains of northern Idaho near the town of Sandpoint.

While I have a professional background in music, recording and various media, the studio is not open for business at this time. I am streamlining my operations in order to potentially re-open as a project studio that serves the post-Covid needs of the music business. I am recalibrating my goals and looking closely at all the components that currently make up my studio, including recording devices, electronics, and a huge number of music instruments.

To that end, I have decided to sell a vast collection of acoustic, electric, jazz and bass guitars. Soon, I will also be selling a number of modern and refurbished classic synthesizers, as well as a host of additional recording gear.

Please send me an email asking to be notified when this second wave of gear goes on sale.

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Welcome, once again, and have fun looking at all the amazing guitars!

Please remember that Land Water Sky is not a music instrument store.

It is important to note that Land Water Sky is a recording studio owned and operated by one person: Ken Herbst. With this in mind, please recognize that this Web site is not a store front for a retail music store. All of the items for sale come from a private collection of guitars and basses that I have sourced over many years. Since I am one person selling dozens of instruments I do not have the time or resources to support a ‘demo and return’ policy like many online music retailers.

All sales are final.

Since I do not offer a ‘demo and return’ policy, please note that all sales are final. I am unable to offer refunds or exchanges once a purchase has been made unless the instrument is non-functional or has been damaged in the mail. I reserve the right to refuse a refund when it is clear that the damage was due to mishandling or abuse by the buyer. That determination will made by an extremely skilled luthier who’s worked on my instruments for years.

Any questions, please contact me at:

Please research an instrument if you are not familiar with it.

I strive to provide accurate descriptions and images of all the instruments for sale on this website, but please understand that the perception of sound quality and playability may vary based upon individual preferences and skill level. If you don’t know much about an instrument you are considering I suggest researching it on the Internet, as well as consulting with professionals or other musicians, before you make a purchase. This will help ensure that the instrument you purchase meets your specific needs.

All photos are of the actual music instrument for sale.

Any notable marks, finish flaws, or minor repairs are detailed in the description to the best of my ability, and I include pictures whenever possible. Some pictures may show reflections caused by lighting or high gloss and do not reflect actual damage to the instrument unless otherwise stated.

All instruments should be considered 'used', even those listed in mint or unused condition.

The inescapable reality of buying and selling music instruments is that, try as you might, it is almost impossible to perceive and document every minor flaw that may be present – whether the instrument is used or brand new. For example, a new instrument that is removed from its original packaging, just for a moment, may pick up some tiny, almost imperceptible flaw – even with gentle handling. That is why I’m listing everything as “used” even when I consider an item to be in “Mint” or “As New” condition. Ultimately, it all comes down to the integrity and good faith of both the seller and the buyer.

All of the instruments I’m selling are in ‘excellent’ or better condition.

Every instrument has been inspected and set up by an experienced luthier. Minor repairs or improvements may have been performed to get it up to what I consider to be “excellent” condition. Please remember, though, that this assessment is relative to the age of the instrument. A 50 year old vintage guitar is held to a different standard than a guitar that is a year old. A certain amount of wear is inevitable on an older instrument. With that said, I have restored all of my used instruments to a very high level of functionality.

Bottom line:

I will do everything I can to ensure that you love every instrument you purchase from me!

What if an instrument does not function correctly or is damaged while in transit?

As mentioned above, all sales are final. This applies to instruments that are in correct working order and are not damaged through shipping.

However, if an instrument is not functioning correctly or is damaged in transit, I will accept a return and offer you a refund. When the instrument arrives I will send you an email that we’ve received the instrument. Once my luthier/guitar tech and I have inspected the instrument I will issue you a refund, assuming that the malfunction or damage was not caused by the buyer.

Shipping Of Returned Items.

If you return an instrument to us you are responsible for paying shipping costs, and you must ship the item back in its original packaging and fully insured.

When you receive a refund for the instrument your shipping costs will also be refunded. I must receive the item in order to process a refund.


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